Teaching and Learning in Fronter

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By Sami Freeman

Fronter is a fantastic tool when experimenting with different teaching and learning techniques.  Here are some examples of how I have used it successfully...

Peer Assessment Forums

You can use a Brainstorm Forum for peer assessment or co coaching.  Pair students up and create a forum.  Name the forum after the students - for example Chloe and Lucas.  Then ask students to critically analyse each other's work.  From this analysis then ask them to come up with one or two areas of improvement.  These targets are then communicated / recorded in their forum.


Set up forums for different ability groupings.  Colour code them so students can easily identify which forum they should be participating in.


Get students to think up a question based on the topic you are covering - get them to make it quite difficult.  Ask students to write their question in a brainstorm forum.  Once all students have participated you should have a bank of questions.  You can now put these questions into a quiz at the start of your next lesson.  If you have asked students to come up with questions on parts of a topic that they find difficult it may highlight misconceptions in students learning.

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Sami Freeman

King James's School, Knaresborough

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